Research of new materials. Works with stone, wood, bones, seeds, magnets,feathers, shells. Begging of a new line of thought. Study of weight, equilibrium and conections. Thinking about the work in space, the object, sculpture.

fotos: gabi carrera

Bone sculpture. Bone and wood. 19 x 15 x 15cm, 2012 / Escultura de osso. Osso e madeira

Pendent piece. Pergamena, seeds, string and bone, MEDIDAS, 2012 / Peça pendente. Pergamena, sementes, linha e osso.

Horn. Wood. 95 x 15 x 15cm, 2012 / Chifre. Madeira.

Microclimate. Thorns, feather, seeds, bones, pins, magnets, branches inside acrylic box 40 x 33 x 33cm. 2012 / Microclima. Espinhos, pena, sementes, ossos, alfinetes, imãs, galhos dentro de caixa de acrílico.

Animal leather, string, seeds and feathers sculpture inside acrylic box. 35 x 35 x 36cm, 2012 / Escultura de couro animal, linha, sementes e penas dentro de caixa de acrílico.